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Settling in Vorarlberg: A Recruitment and Retention Challenge

Vorarlberg is an exceptional place for both living and working. However, for expat employees, it can be challenging to fully settle in and enjoy the benefits of this beautiful region. This predicament poses a recruitment and retention challenge for companies aiming to attract and retain valuable international talent.

Connecting with a Community: The Key to a Home Away from Home

We believe that connecting with a community is the key for expat employees to find a home away from home. This can be particularly difficult in a rural area like Vorarlberg, especially if the local language or dialect is unfamiliar.

Customized Coworking Space for Expats at BAHI

At BAHI in Bregenz, we have tailored our coworking space to cater specifically to expats like yours. Our coworking studio offers all the amenities of a professional office, while also fostering an environment where international employees can connect with one another, integrate into the local community, and explore personal development opportunities.

Vibrant Café: A Unique Connection to the Local Community


One of our unique features is our coworking studio’s connection to our vibrant café, which serves both locals and expats. This setup not only facilitates relationships among expat employees but also enables them to immerse themselves in the local community. By developing roots and expanding their social circles, we strive to make their transition to Vorarlberg as seamless as possible, ultimately giving them more reasons to stay. 

Yoga and Meditation Classes

To further support employee well-being and prevent burnout, BAHI offers yoga and meditation classes. These classes provide a valuable opportunity for employees to unwind and recharge after work, enhancing their overall physical and mental health. By incorporating these practices into their routine, employees can experience increased productivity and a greater sense of balance.

Local Tours for Exploration and Integration

BAHI also organizes separate local tours to help expat employees explore Vorarlberg and integrate into the community. These tours provide a deeper understanding of the region’s culture, history, and natural beauty, allowing employees to forge meaningful connections and create lasting memories.

The Ideal Solution for Home Office Enthusiasts

For individuals who practice a home office setup, BAHI Coworking is the ideal solution to help them foster connections outside of their immediate work environment and integrate into the local community.

Invest in Your Employees’ Connection and Success

By offering a membership package for your employees, they gain access to a fully-equipped coworking space available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. This membership provides them with the opportunity to connect with one another, establish themselves in Vorarlberg, and pursue opportunities in personal development.

Give your valued employees the chance to connect and land in Vorarlberg by investing in our corporate service packages. With BAHI Coworking, you not only provide them with a top-notch workspace but also facilitate their integration into the local community.


Our monthly package is 160 euro per month per employee. These packages can be purchased in groupings of 1, 3, and 6 months. Our Starter 3 Month Package is offered at a reduced rate of 120 euro per month.

Day passes are also available at 10 euro per day.

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