Getting in tune with your body through yoga, enjoy some healthy vegetarian food and freshly brewed coffee or rent a space for your creativity or business meetings it is all about making your life a bit brighter.

The name BAHI comes from the language of the Apurinã native americans from the Purus river in the Amazon basin and means “sun”. 

And just like the sun, we want to warmly welcome you to this oasis in the city to brighten up your day a bit each time you visit.

Mario and Cornelius have both travelled the world and want to bring a bit of the spirit of the places and the people they encountered  back to Vorarlberg.

Cornelius is a cultural anthropologist who has studied at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland with his focus in the fields of human – nature relationships and creativity. He enjoys working with film and text and to guid people to develop their own creativity.

Mario is an artist in the fields of painting and pottery, his passion is to provide people with the opportunity to reconnect to themselves through the practice of yoga.

Both of them share an excitement for the perfect cup of coffee.


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